Here’s a look at how long it can take for you to get a car replacement key in the Spartanburg and Rock Hill, SC Region 

You can afford to go more than a few hours without your vehicle. Therefore, if you lost or damaged your vehicle key, then you need to have it replaced right away. The question is how long will your car key replacement take in Spartanburg or Rock HIll SC? Here’s a look at the numbers. 

Getting Your Car Key Replacement At A Dealership Service Center 

More dealerships will naturally want you to go to their service center or parts center to get your key replaced. In fact, some dealerships will insist that they are the only place where you can get your key replaced. However, this is not entirely true. Many independent key replacement centers will be able to replace the key of any popular make and model vehicle. 

If you decide to go to the dealership to get your key replaced, your wait could vary from several minutes to several hours. There will be several factors that will determine how long you will have to wait. 

1). The activity at the service or parts center 

If you happen to go to a dealership service center or parts center during rush hour, then you may have several customers ahead of you. That means that you will have to wait until the dealership’s key specialists can get to work on your vehicle’s key replacement. 

2). Parts availability 

There is the possibility that the dealership may not be able to replace your key that day. If that is the case, then you may have to wait longer than a day for your car key replacement.

3). The expertise of the specialist 

Sometimes, the dealership parts or service center will put someone “new” to work on replacing your key. This could end up taking you longer than you’d expect. In this case, you have to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for your key replacement. 

Getting Your Car Key Replacement At An Independent Key Replacement Service 

Independent key replacement companies have a dedicated team who can usually get your key replaced in minutes. Not only that, these independent locations will usually have the parts and the expertise to get the job done fast. In most cases, you can have your key replaced in under 30 minutes. 

Get Car Key Replacement in Minutes at Car Keys to Go 

At Car Keys to Go, we can provide automotive key replacement service in minutes right here in the Spartanburg and Rock Hill, SC Region. We not only offer low prices on all key replacement make and models, but we can also get you back on the road in under 20 minutes. Contact us today to get a quick quote for your automotive replacement key.